Meow-rathon Participant List

Below is a list of the folks who helped raise $1,571 for Simply Cats.  Please pay them a visit, as they are amazing people!

Game #1 – Big Trouble in Little Strudniksburg – Monarchies of Mau
Geoff Joosten (DM) ODND Podcast, GM at
Anastasia Washington (Pussy Galore)
Various Comedy, true crime, pop culture pods.
Patrick Shaffer (Mel) Recipes Down Pat, a simple, ad free recipe site.
Ozzy Beck (Murphy) TTRPGs, Cooking Blog.
Lady Asabat (Kibeth) Twitch streamer and Etsy shop.
Edwin Wessels (Thierry) Pilgrim#0001 on Discord.


Game #2 – The Wishstone’s Curse – Cats and Catacombs
Xan Larson (DM)   Artist, GM, Writer, Patreon
Dan Gomiller (Lamp) ODND Podcast,
Joel Seip (Oskar) Twitcher
Echo Roanoke (Whisper) RPG Writer/editor/creator
Matt Layne (WhoDey) Impact RPG, D&D Charity work
Miles Ramsey (Patch) Impact RPG, D&D Charity work


Game #3 – Stranger Than Fiction – D&D 5e
Manny Yumul (DM) DM, Mini painting, general nerd stuff.
Todd Stashwick (Drooth) Actor, Comic writer, D&D Charity work.
Dan Gomiller (Nigel) ODND Podcast,
Jason Klamm (Cecil) ODND Podcast,
Kestrel Rae (Kat) Cosplayer, TTRPG and Video Gamer
Donna Ricci (Alison) Nerd Shop/Cat Rescue owner (Geeky Teas), TTRPG player, much more!


Game #4 – Lightning Felines – D&D 5e
Josh Coulter (DM) ODND Podcast
Crystal (ChessyO)
Joel (SphynxO)
Zoob (Purtimus) The Broken Lords podcast
Ari Jarvis (Obli-o) ODND Podcast
Fish Jarvis (Buiscuitso)


Game #5 – A Murder in Mossbank – D&D 5e
Dan Gomiller (DM) ODND Podcast
Nick Galvin (Colonel Relish) the Know Your Roll podcast
Ari Jarvis (Evyn) ODND Podcast
Bran Daniels (Prof. Plumknuckles) Spirit of the Wilds Candles
Sheryl Hosler (Althea) Nature Check on twitch. Human + Nature Youtube Channel
Kimberley (Carinn Whiteheart) ODND Podcast


Game #6 – Catatonic – D&D 5e
Kestrel Rae (DM) Cosplayer, TTRPG and Video Gamer
Brianna Taeuber (Eshan) the Tales of Adventure podcast. Writer. DM
ArcadeFox (Rhett) TTRPGer, Hard of Hearing Advocate
Ulgfrigg (Indulgence) the Welcome to the Party TTRPG AP Stream
Xan Larson (Wyle E.)   Artist, GM, Writer, Patreon
Maria (Jamilah) Player, GM, Writer


Raffle Donators
Nerdy Chicken (Dice tray, Notice board, Dice) Canadian nerd shop. Delivers world wide!
Mage Hand Press (Fantastical Felines x5) Creator of many supplements for D&D.
The Little Shop of Holdalls (Dice Bag) Lady Asabat’s Etsy shop.
Pale White Rabbit (Cat art)   Xan’s artwork, buy commission or see her work in Uncaged.
Ozzy Beck (Monarchies of Mau) Donated Monarchies of Mau (DMsGuild).
Spirit of the Wilds (Candle) Hand made candles, including D20.
The Underground Oracle (Quarterly #2) Creators of many D&D supplements
Of Dice and Dens (ODND and AFOD Minis) Podcast and host of this event!


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