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Hello fans new and old alike. I know it’s been a while since we’ve had an update, but between real life events, holidays, and of course, work, we’ve been tied up. Hopefully now we are going to be able to get back to a semi reliable schedule. That being said, we are making some changes to how our shows are being presented as well as what we are playing.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of controversy over Wizards Of the Coast (WOtC and the Open Gaming License (OGL). For those out of the loop, here’s a summary: Wizards has had an OGL that was very permissive for MANY years that allowed 3rd party content to be created and safely monetized. It is one of the main reasons D&D has become the phenomenon it is today. They then announced an OGL to REPLACE the current one that was much more restrictive, especially for 3rd party publishers. While this would not have directly impacted our show, we focus on 3rd party smaller publishers’ content. Though WOtC has since backtracked on that decision, for now, we are firm believers of “when someone shows you who they really are, believe them,” and WOtC has shown their hand. We feel it would be hypocritical for us to continue using D&D as our primary game engine when there are so many other games out there far more open to creating a fun and inviting community. We are in the process of evaluating what we are doing next on that front. That being said, Deadlands is still going strong and a new A Fistful of Dice will be releasing shortly.

Secondly, since the schedules have been so sporadic as of late, we have decided to merge all our shows into the main podcast stream. So those who subscribed to Of Dice and Dens, will now get all the content, not just the D&D stuff. If your podcast player supports iTunes seasons structure, each series is given it’s own season number to better sort them for you. We have also created more independent feeds for those who don’t wish to see everything all at once. We will provide direct feed links at the end of this post.

On that note, in iTunes we have also created an Of Dice and Dens Podcasts channel where you can find all of the feeds as well as any future ones, links will be below for that as well.

We appreciate your patience as we work through all these things and look forward to continuing to give you great content! So go enjoy a snork of boba on us!


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