A Nerdy Midwinter Giveaway

Of Dice and Dens and Nerdy Chicken Present

A Nerdy Midwinter Giveaway

Of Dice and Dens has joined forces with Nerdy Chicken’s Shop of Curiosities to give away a set of Harley Quinn Caged Aluminum Dice.

To enter, all you have to do is listen to Episode 4, Magical Fog Hands, and listen for the answers to three questions, listed below.

Once you have the answers, go to NerdyChicken.ca and subscribe to their newsletter using the answer as a special code.  You can enter with each answer, getting up to three entries!  Don’t worry, you won’t get multiple emails!  Winners will be drawn on January 27th!

Here are the questions!

  1. Where did the party tell Aisling they were from?
  2. The chapel is run by a priestess who believes in which god?
  3. How many years ago did Lord Darvin lay siege to the keep?

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Of Dice And Dens
Of Dice And Dens
C-Team 004 - Magical Fog Hands
  • C-Team 004 - Magical Fog Hands

    C-Team 004 - Magical Fog Hands

    May 20, 2019 • 47:05

    Our heroes survived their ordeal with the wolves.  They awaken in a dying town enveloped by a creepy fog.  Can they determine source?