ODND Presents: TGM Raffle Items

Along with giving you entertainment and good feels from donating, we’re also going to give you THINGS for donating!

Every $5 you donate will earn you entries into a drawing to win prizes at the end of the meow-rathon! Larger amounts will grant you even greater entries. We divide your donation by 5 and multiply by 1.5, dropping the final decimal. So $5 get you 1, $10 gets you 3, 15 gets you 4, and so on.  So the more you donate, the better your chances!

One prize win per person, so if you have specific prizes you wish to entered for, please specify in the email.  Also you do NOT have to be present to win. Good luck!

There are two ways to donate.

Donate though Idaho Gives ($10 Minimum): https://www.idahogives.org/p2p/145752/arianna-jarvis

Donate through Ko-Fi, which we will submit at the end with receipts ($1 Minimum): https://ko-fi.com/ofdiceanddens 

To enter, forward your donation confirmation email to odndraffle@gmail.com!


Our great friend at NerdyChicken.ca has graciously donated this super cool dice tray, as well as a set of dice and this super adorable notice board!

Mage Hand Press has donated FIVE (5) digital copies of their newest CAT BASED D&D Supplement, Fantastical Felines!

The Little Shoppe of Holdalls, run by one our players, Lady Asabat, has donated a hand made dice bag, with a cool cat pattern!

Our very own Xan Larson, aka PaleWhiteRabbit, has created a custom artwork for our raffle! You may recognize her art from many projects including the Uncaged series on DMsguild.com!

One of our players, Ozzy, has graciously donated a digital copy of Monarchies of Mau!

Spirit of the Wilds is making a specially designed D20 candle for this event!

Nick from the Know Your Roll podcast has worked with The Underground Oracle to offer their whole Quarterly #2 which contains a lot of awesome content, including the really cool Awakened Familiar Race!

We have a set of minis of Of Dice and Dens characters created on Hero Forge and locally printed!

An lastly we have a set of minis of ODND Presents: A Fistful Of Dice characters, also from Hero Forge and printed locally!