Meowrathon 2021 Game Details

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Friday 7/16:

8am:  Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games
The Star Wars line of Role Playing Games from Fantasy Flight represent three settings in the Galaxy Far Far Away.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire explores “locations where the Empire’s laws and influence are dimmed or muted.”
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion thrusts players “directly into the ongoing Galactic Civil War between the evil Empire and the rag-tag Rebel Alliance.”
Star Wars: Force & Destiny allows the power of the Force to flow through you.

12pm: Monarchies of Mau
Monarchies of Mau is a ultra-light weight d20 based rule set developed to be familiar to experienced D&D players and simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. MoM is the sister system to Pugmire*, where players will take on the role of a heroic cat exploring and adventuring with their fellow felines! This adventure will be a dungeon crawl filled with trap, rats, and the promise of a talking hat.

4pm: Blades in the Dark
Lady du Bois is one of Duskvall’s elite, known both for her lavish parties and her collection of exquisite yet eccentric curios. The pride of her collection is a statuette made of pure black diamonds, the rarest and most sought after of all precious gems. So desirable in fact that you and your rag-tag bunch of cat burglars are being paid an awful lot of money to procure it. It’s just your luck that for one night (and one night only) this prize is leaving the security of the vault to be displayed at tonight’s masked ball…

Blades in the dark is a D&D-Lite TTRPG about a crew of scoundrels and ne’er do wells seeking their fortunes in a industrial-fantasy world. It is rules light, focusing on fast action and flexible situations. In Duskvall, chaos reigns supreme

8pm: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Todd Stashwick will be joined live by Satine Phoenix, David Blue, Alicia Marie, David Nett, Trader Brandon, and Donna Ricci for a fun game of Dungeons & Dragons!

Saturday 7/17:

8am: Agon

Agon is a game where you are trying to make your way home by sea from a long war. Each island you discover is beset by strife. At every turn you are subject to the whims of the Gods of Olympus. How will you forge your legend and accrue glory to thy name? Who is best? And who… Will… Suffer?

12pm: The Witch Is Dead

ODND’s very own Josh will be leading this Role Play focused one-shot for James Urbaniak, Riley Silverman, Tennile Goosic, as well as ODND’s Dan, Jason, and Ari!

The Witch is Dead is a one page RPG created by Grant Howitt. It’s very light on the rules with using just a d10 to roll for outcomes. Players are a murdered witch’s familiars seeking to exact revenge on the witch hunter that killed her. Where a lot of crazy situations happen is trying to accomplish a goal that would be simple to humans, but difficult for critters with paws/talons/floppy feets. Players only have 4 stats and add their stat number to their dice roll.

4pm: Wanderhome

Wanderhome is a pastoral fantasy role-playing game about traveling animal-folk, the world they inhabit, and the way the seasons change. It is a game filled with grassy fields, mossy shrines, herds of chubby bumblebees, opossums in sundresses, salamanders with suspenders, starry night skies, and the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine.

You might be a tamarin who dances with small and forgotten gods, a leporine mail carrier who relies on moths to get packages where they belong, a little lizard with a big heart and a mysterious past, or a near-endless number of other thrilling possibilities. No matter what, we’re always travelers—animal-folk who go from village to village and get to see the length and breadth of all the world of Hæth. The seasons will change as we play, and we will change with them.

8pm: Lemurs on the Loose (PbtA)

You are a lemur, and you’re stuck in a cage. You don’t want that anymore, do you? So do something about it! It’s time to escape the zoo. Powered by the Apocalypse and inspired by Honey Heist.

Sunday 7/18:

8am: Dungeons & Dragons

Join Dan as he hosts a sequel to last year’s murder mystery A Murder in Mossbank by Jes Wade.

12pm: Breakfast Cult (FATE)

Breakfast Cult is an anime-style cosmic horror mystery action-adventure game. You are ordinary students at Occultar Academy, the world’s top occult high school. The occult is a dangerous science of the late 21st century, and your lives have been designed to be as ordinary as possible for your safety. Breakfast Cult uses the Fate Accelerated system, a condensed version of Fate Core, a flexible and dramatic storytelling system.

4pm: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
The worlds greatest fantasy role-playing game! It’s got dungeons AND dragons. Adventurous characters seek out treasure, glory, and fulfillment! Come roll dice and see where the journey goes!

8pm: Happiest Apocolypse on Earth (PbtA)
Uncle Alexander’s Animal Sanctuary cordially invites to the Annual Wildcat Romp. Experience our friendly felines in their true majesty. No gates, no fences, full interaction. The game will be run using Happiest Apocalypse on Earth – a PbtA system.