Meowrathon 2021 Games Schedule

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All times are in Mountain Time

Date Time (MST) Game Name/System (Click Name for Details) Host 
Friday, July 16th  8am – 11am  Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games Ace
 12pm – 3pm  Monarchies of Mau Geoff
 4pm – 7pm  “The Purrfect Heist”Blades in the Dark Lady Asabat
 8pm – 11pm  Dungeons & Dragons 5e Todd Stashwick
Saturday, July 17th
 8am – 11am  Agon Kevin Hendrix
 12pm – 3pm  The Witch Is Dead Josh Coulter
 4pm – 7pm  Wanderhome Logan
 8pm – 11pm  Lemurs on the Loose (PbtA) Kate
Sunday, July 18th
 8am – 11am  Murder in Mossbank: The Dead Don’t Die – D&D5e Dan Gomiller
 12pm – 3pm  Breakfast Cult (FATE) Chris Lee
 4pm – 7pm  Dungeons & Dragons 5e Zach Brown
 8pm – 11pm  Happiest Apocalypse on Earth (PbtA) Greg Trent