Meowrathon 2021 Raffle Items

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Along with giving you entertainment and good feels from donating, we’re also going to give you THINGS for donating!

Every $5 you donate will earn you entries into a drawing to win prizes at the end of the meowrathon! Larger amounts will grant you even greater entries. We divide your donation by 5 and multiply by 1.5, dropping the final decimal. So $5 get you 1, $10 gets you 3, 15 gets you 4, and so on.  So the more you donate, the better your chances!


Jenny Miller, owner of the local Boise shop The Lost & Found that specializes in Vintage and Crafted items has graciously donated several items! These include a couple patches and a couple sets of earrings as well as a tote!


Kate Eliot has graciously offered a copy of each of their games! Learn more at

Greg Trent managed to trick convince the author of The Happiest Apocalypse On Earth to give away a physical copy of the game!

Jes Wade has graciously donated two copies of both Mossbank adventures. This is the Murder in Mossbank we did last year and the upcoming sequel, The Dead Don’t Die (releasing Aug 1), that we are playing this year!

Nick from Scry Society is donating a copy of his adventure, Into the Mists, available on Shard Tabletop!

Tina has offered this 3D printed dice tower! The final one would be all white and paintable.

Rei is offering THREE $15 Ice Cream Dice gift cards! Ice Cream Dice have some really cool specialty dice that won’t break the bank!

Casey of the Aboard the Opal Star and the upcoming Tempus Multae: Oak Ridge podcasts and Brianna of the Aboard the Opal Star and Disciples of the Eight podcasts are offering a custom written short story! You choose the setting and characters and they will inform you of any content restrictions.

Josh from the ODND Podcast is donating a hand made Cat Collar from Lancaster Leather Art! He will work with you to choose pattern and order it up!

Ari from the ODND Podcast donated a couple copies of the game Exploding Kittens along side her friend Tara Henderson who made some adorable kitty masks!

Ari from the ODND Podcast is also throwing in a Wine Bard Starter Kittm! This kit includes a bottle of wine, with two glasses and a holder, as well as a stopper, some dice, a leather scented candle from a local candle maker (Lit & Co.) and a copy of The Story of Fester Cat. All of it in a basket for easy transportation!

Kimberley from the ODND Podcast is making some dice bags and Ari & Dan are throwing in some dice to go with them!

We have a set of minis of Of Dice and Dens characters created on Hero Forge and locally printed!

An lastly we have a set of minis of ODND Presents: A Fistful Of Dice characters, also from Hero Forge and printed locally!